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Connect Groups

Connect Groups are our Bible Study and Discipleship groups. We meet during the week for a time of prayer, fellowship and growing in our relationship with Jesus. 

We usually follow some material from our Sunday services.

For more information, or if you want to be involved, get in touch!

Praying Hands



​CONNECT GROUPS come in different shapes and sizes and do different things throughout the year.  We would encourage everybody who has made their home at Christ Church to join a group to experience and take a full part in our community.

Connect Groups are an important part of the life of Christ Church, a chance to do church in a small group of people growing through studying the Bible, worshipping and having fun together. We have a variety of groups who meet on different days during the week with different feels and focuses. 

Monday Evening - 7:30 pm in the Centre

Thursday Lunchtime - Living Room Church does Connect - 12:00 pm in the Centre. We meet to share lunch together first before a time of reading the bible and praying for each other.

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