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Get my child christened

If you live in Christ Church parish or have a strong link with the Church and want to have your baby or child christened (baptised), then get in touch.  We'll come and visit you and chat more about what baptism is all about so that you can make an informed decision for you and your child.

Baptism, Christening or Thanksgiving

The Baptism of a child is a very special time and we at Christ Church love to welcome families who are bringing their children and wanting them to grow up in the Christian faith.  In this context, many people use the words Baptism and Christening to mean the same thing. 

Christenings usually take place during one of our usual Sunday services at 10:30 am or 12 noon. 

In the Baptism Service parents and godparents are asked about their faith and are asked to make promises about bringing their child or children up in the Christian faith.  We'll talk this through when we visit. 

Some families choose to have a Thanksgiving Service: a time to gather with family and friends and give thanks to God together for the gift of their child. 

Get in touch and we can chat more .....

Infant Baptism.jpeg
Family praying together.jpeg

What next....

We love to support parents and godparents as they seek to fulfil the promises they make in Baptism. 


There are so many opportunities within the family and at home for children to grow in their faith.


We invite parents with young children to do a short course, 'Starting Rite', in which we share lots of ideas! 

We also invite children and their families back once a year to a Baptism Celebration Service, where we revisit the promises made and celebrate!  It's a great way to help children to know about their Baptism! 

We want to keep connecting, with Living Room Church, Rooted, Sunday Club.


For children who are regularly in church, we look to welcome them to receive the bread and wine at communion, with their first communion after their 7th birthday. 


We hope the Christening will truly be a step on you and your child's journey together in faith. 

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